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Welcome to Credit Rating Monitor

Welcome to Credit Rating Monitor, a membership programme providing access to the tools you need to monitor your financial/credit information, including access to your credit report^.

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What is included in your Credit Rating Monitor membership?

One of the principle benefits of membership to the Credit Rating Monitor programme is around the clock direct access to your credit report. Your credit report is a sophisticated tool and used efficiently and effectively can be used to monitor your financial activity, and to ensure nobody else is using your personal details.

There is no need to apply for added extras, your credit report brings you everything you need in one neat package.

A credit report is an inside view into an individual's entire credit history. It includes details about bank accounts and mobile phone contracts, loans and mortgages. It charts an individual's financial activity and gives an accurate guide as to how well that individual manages his or hers finances.
As a member of Credit Rating Monitor your credit rating is displayed as number and a star rating system. Each lender uses a different method and this way you will have a further understanding of exactly what they are looking for.
Receiving alerts and updates about your credit report can provide you with a very useful tool to use against identity theft and can allow you to stay one step ahead. By seeing what is happening on your credit report you can react fast and prevent further damage occurring in your name.
If you were to become a victim to identity theft, a dedicated fraud team are on hand to help you through the process and back on your feet.